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Experience and Trainings

Dr. Dhruba Shrestha has more than 15 years of experience in management of Pediatric cases. He is well experienced in treating simple illnessess as well as life threatening ailments requiring intensive care management. He has participated in numerous training and workshop programs on like Pediatric Echocardiography, Pediatric critical care, disaster management etc. He has been involved in many training programs as an instructor as well. 

Fetal Echocardiography Training (01/10/2021 – 03/31/2023)

Comprehensive training for identification of Fetal Heart anomaly at Sahid Gangalal National Heart Center, Bansbari

Childhood Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Management (20/09/2021 – 22/09/2021)

Training was organized by Ministry of Health and Population and Save the children.

Critical Care training for health care workers for management of COVID -19 (02/06/2021 – 03/06/2021)

Training organized by Ministry of Health, WHO and NMA for the health care workers of Nepal

Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support(PFCCS) Course (17/10/2019 – 18/10/2019) and (20/6/2018 – 21/6/2018)

Course Director and Instructor of the course. Organized by NEPAS in association with America Nepal Medical foundation (ANMF)

Current Updates on Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (02/05/2019 – 03/05/2019)

Dr.Dhruba Shrestha participated in the training organized by Nestle Nutrition Institute in National University Hospital, Singapore.

Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support(PFCCS) Course (20/6/2016 – 21/6/2016)

Dr. Dhruba Shrestha is an Instructor for the course from Nepal.The training was organized by NEPAS in association with the America Nepal Medical Foundation (ANMF). It is an internationally acclaimed training course on pediatric critical care recognized by the Society of Critical Care Medicine, USA.

Managing Children in Disasters (31/03/2018)

The workshop was a one day program and Training of trainers. It was organized by the Nepal Paediatric Society and was supported by the American Academy of Paediatrics, through the NCD Child grant.

Short Course on Data Analysis using STATA (04/03/2018 – 17/03/2018)

The course was designed as a basic starter training on STATA software for those who are working on their research.

Master Training of the Trainers on Inpatient Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition (25/12/2017 – 31/12/2017)

The training was organized by Action Against Hunger (ACF) in collaboration with  The Child Health Division (Ministry of Health).

Training on Neonatal Emergency Team Training Simulation(NETS) Course (28/10/2017)

The training was organised by Paropakar Maternity Hospital in Association with the Neonatal Emergency and Transport team, UK.

Second Ultrasound, CT, and MRI education program in Nepal (Obstetric, Fetal, Neonatal, and Congenital Anomaly) (12/08/2017 – 13/08/2017)

The education program was organized by Dhulikhel Hospital in association with the JW LEE Center for Global Medicine, Seoul National University.

Data Management for Clinical Research (02/05/2017 – 04/07/2017)

Dr. Dhruba Shrestha was the moderator for this training. It was jointly conducted by Siddhi Memorial Hospital and School of Tropical Medicine and Global Health (TMGH – JAPAN). The training was held online as a one session per week model  for 10 weeks.

Child Protection Training: Kanti Children Hospital (30/04/2017 – 1/05/2017)

This training was organised by the NSPCC and RCPCH in Kanti Children’s Hospital.

Pediatric Cardiology and Echocardiography Training (16/01/2017 – 16/10/2017)

Dr. Dhruba Shrestha attended the 3 months intensive Pediatric Cardiology and Echocardiography training at the Sahid Gangalal National Heart Center Kathmandu, Nepal.

Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support(PFCCS) Course (14/6/2016 – 15/6/2016)

The course program was organized by Nepal Pediatric Society as a pre-conference workshop.

Training on “Primary Trauma Care" (25/5/2015 – 26/5/2016)

The two day residential training was organized by the National Health Training Center with the support of Save The Children.

Comprehensive course on Echocardiography (19/9/2015 – 25/9/2015)

Dr. Dhruba Shrestha has completed comprehensive training in Echocardiography from JROP institute of Echocardiography, Ultrasound and Vascular Doppler, New Delhi.

Bedside Ultrasound and ECHO training (06/11/2014)

The one day training in bedside USG and ECHO training for critically ill children was organized by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics – Intensive Care Chapter.

CME program on “Advanced Pediatric Critical Care” (07/11/2014)

The one day CME program was organized by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics – Intensive Care Chapter.

Training of Trainers (TOT) (23/3/2014 – 28/3/2014)

Dr. Dhruba Shrestha delivered training on Infant and young child feeding (IYCF) in Dhading district.

Master training of trainers (MTOT) (31/12/2013 – 6/1/2014)

Dr. Dhruba Shrestha received training on Community Based Integrated management of childhood illness (CB– IMCI)  which was organized by the child health division.

Advanced Neonatal and Pediatric Life Support (ANPLS) (21/11/2012 – 24/11/2012)

The training program was organized by Kanti Children’s Hospital in collaboration with  Child Advocacy International, UK.

Early Childhood Development and Disabilities (7/5/2011 – 8/5/2011)

The workshop was organized by Ummeed Child Development Center, Mumbai, India,  hosted by Autism Care Nepal.

Research Methodology Training ( 24/1/2011 – 28/1/2011)

It was organized by the National Academy of Medical Sciences, Bir Hospital.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training (ACLS) (9/3/2011 – 11/3/2011)

The training was organised by the National Academy of Medical Sciences, Bir Hospital and Updated on (18/12/2015 – 20/12/2015) Center for Medical Simulation, Dillibazar (Official center of AHA).

Healthy aging : care for the Older People of Nepal (15/1/2009 – 17/1/2009)

The program was organized by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and Connect for Change (CIC).

National training on Monitoring & Evaluation (15/7/2009 – 16/7/2009)

Training and workshop was organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Drug control & Prevention of Transmission of HIV among Drug use in SAARC Country – H13.

South Asian Regional workshop on Poverty, Drug use, HIV and AIDS (17/3/2009 – 18/3/2009)

The  workshop was organized by Response Beyond Borders.

National Consultation on Advocacy to prevent transmission of HIV among IDUs and Networking and Technical update and sharing on Harm reduction (13/7/2009)

This workshop was organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal.

Disaster Management and Emergency Medicine (21/6/2008 and 13/9/2008)

The training was organized by the National Disaster and Emergency Medicine Center.

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